Mindfulness in the Classroom: How I Overcome My Slumps

It’s not a secret to anybody who knows me that I get distracted very frequently. If I’m in the zone, you couldn’t shake me out of it with a tuba next to my ear, but very often, my brain is buzzing around a little too much to sit still, without me getting the fidgets.

This is doubly hard in classrooms. Being distracted in classrooms worked in a majority of high school and undergraduate classes, but I always felt supremely annoyed at my brain’s inability to focus on what was going on in front of me. Graduate school, with its more rigorous classes and my newly developed habit of eating a heavy lunch (hello, afternoon slump!), meant that zoning out was both a lot easier and caused me a greater degree of harm.

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The Internship Diaries, Part Two: Imposter Syndrome

I began my internship barely a week after graduating college. From the top of the undergraduate food chain to the bottom of the employee ladder was a sudden change to make, especially when I found that my first day began with the new full-time employees, most of them with work experience in big-name companies, others with shiny new MBAs. While the company did hire interns, I barely met any in my time there, and the ones I did meet were all in the middle of their MBAs too.

So of course, some thoughts crept in from time-to-time. Thoughts saying that I didn’t deserve to be there or that there was little I could add to this pool of clever, talented, experienced people. I knew they were a little ridiculous, but also these thoughts weren’t exactly new to me. Because I’d been thinking them my whole life.

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